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Evan groaned as he went to remove the kunai from the edge of the target board.  He had to admit he found it a bit odd that Samuel just happened to have it stored away.  Evan could understand him making one and giving to a dojo for training purposes, but it didn't make sense for him to just keep it.

Not that it really mattered now, as Evan had been using it over the past few weeks to practice with the kunai.  Wrapping his claws around the weapon, he yanked it out with a grunt.  He frowned as he examined his grip on the object.  This was about as close as he could get to making a fist.  Anything more and he would be stabbing himself with his claws.  It was going to take some time, but he was hoping to have a pair of gloves made so that he could carry the kunai in one of them.  With his wrist movement being somewhat limited, he figured he could carry it on the inside of his arm with little to no risk of damaging the glove or cutting himself.  Then he could flick it out with his thumb and fling it when needed.  The whole concept seemed like a good idea in his head, but it was going to take some practical application to know for certain.

“Still trying to work out the kinks?”

Evan turned to find his partner, Kate, approaching him.  The Sneasel was wearing her matching yellow and red bracelets, and seemed to be in a cheery mood.  Evan nodded in reply to her inquiry.  “Yeah.  I think I've got it mostly figured out, though.  Anyways, any news on the expedition?”

Kate sighed.  “You're really eager for that to get started, aren't you?”

Evan twirled the kunai in his claws.  “Of course I am!  I mean, how long has it been since we found the dungeon entrance?  A few weeks?”  He looked back at Kate, who had a nervous expression on her face.  “They're still making preparations, aren't they?”

Kate nodded.  “Yep, still getting ready.”

Catching the end of the kunai with his thumb, Evan flung it at the target.  He grumbled as it once again hit the edge.  Kate watched as he went to retrieve it.  “You know, I think you're getting a bit too antsy about this.”

Evan sighed.  “Well, it has been a while now.  You'd think they'd be ready by now.”

“True, but I think we both know by now that there's more to being in the guild than exploring.”

“That doesn't change the fact that we're still waiting.”

Kate held up a slip of paper.  “Well, maybe this will help take your mind off of it.”

Evan glanced at the paper.   “A festival?  Now?”

Kate nodded.  “Apparently the Hunters are holding it in honor of the Iaponese Ambassador.  It sounds like a lot of fun!”

Evan looked over the list of activities.  “Sports, story-telling, dancing, apple-bobbing-”

“I don't think that's a proper way to say it.....”

“-taste-testing, face painting?”

“Don't forget the ice sculpting contest,” Samuel added, coming up behind them.  The Dewott clacked his trademark shells together.  “Been awhile since I worked with anything other than wood.”

Evan looked back and forth between the two.  “Well, you guys have have fun with that.”

Kate stared at him.  “Evan, that's the whole point!  Having fun is exactly what we're supposed to do!”

“Well, it sure doesn't sound like fun to me.”  Evan turned back to the target, but was stopped by a hand on his arm.

Samuel looked at him sternly.  “Evan, to be quite honest, I think you're taking your work too seriously.  What you need to do is loosen up a little.”  The Dewott casually flung one of his shells at the target, striking it dead center.  

Evan watched as Samuel retrieved his shell and headed back toward the hut.  He turned back to Kate, who stood there awkwardly.  “So, are you coming?” she asked.


The three arrived at the Avalodge, the site of the festival.  Pokémon were everywhere, each partaking in one of the many activities in and around the lodge.  Evan had never felt so small.

Samuel walked up to a large chunk of ice.  “Well, I suppose I should get started.  Why don't you two take a look around?”  And with that, he went to work on the ice.

Evan followed Kate as she went about checking just about everything there was to do.  Her enthusiasm was certainly something to be admired, but it made Evan feel somewhat uneasy.  He wanted to say something, to introduce himself rather than let Kate do it, but the words simply wouldn't come out.  Then again, with Kate doing most of the talking from the start, it was hard to get in the first word.  To say he felt awkward would be an understatement.

As he looked around, he happened to notice a Vigoroth staring at him.  The Pokémon quickly disappeared into an alleyway without saying anything.  Suspicious, Evan made to inform Kate of the observer.  But when he looked around, he couldn't find her.


Evan's ears perked up.  What was that?! us.....

Evan's eyes went wide.  Someone's.....calling me?.....


He looked around again, and noticed several Pokémon were now staring at him.  But their mouths weren't moving.  Realizing they weren't the source of the voices, he quickly turned around.

He was greeted by a face.  But this face was not that of a Pokémon.  It had no form or structure.  It was stared at him, sending a chill down the Zangoose's spine.


Evan suddenly felt numb.  What was it talking about?  Failure?  He turned again and was greeted by more faces, each one staring with cold, dead eyes.


His body began twitching.


The word was repeated over and over.  The world around him started to melt into a black abyss.  He covered his ears as blood-curdling screams entered them.  The faces closed in from every direction.


He fell to his knees as his legs buckled.  G-go away.....


He shut his eyes.  L-leave me a-alone.....




Evan gasped, his eyes flying open as he felt something grab his arm.  He turned his head and found Kate standing over him.  “Evan, are you alright?!”  There was a hint of panic in her voice.

Looking around, Evan noticed several onlookers giving him odd stares and murmuring to each other.  He looked at the ground again, trying to avoid them.  Kate must have sensed his unease, as she quickly pulled him up and led him away from the small crowd.  She pulled him into an alley and set him against a wall, where he promptly slumped down again, breathing heavily.  Kate put her hands on his shoulders.  “Evan, what happened?”

The Zangoose hesitated, replying the only way he could think of.  “F-faces.....”

Kate looked confused.  “Faces?”

“They were calling me.  They kept saying that I.....that I.....failed.....”  He let out a series of coughs as his body shuddered again.

The next thing he knew, Kate's arms were wrapped tightly around him.  “Evan, it's alright.  Calm down.”  Her voice was soft and comforting.  Evan took several deep breaths, his body slowly relaxing.  She did not speak again until he had sufficiently calmed.  Pulling him back to his feet, she offered no complaint as he leaned on her for support, his legs still a bit shaky.  “Come on, we should get you home.”

His head still reeling from the vision, Evan simply nodded.


“Well, that was an interesting development.”

“No kidding.”

“He certainly didn't look like the guy we met earlier.”

“Hmm, this might be easier than I thought it would be.....”
PMDU - Team Shard - Frosty Festivities - 'Faces'
For :iconpmdunity:

Can't really talk right now, gotta head to work, will write a more detailed message here when I get back.

Quick summary:  Evan and Kate attend the festival, but it turns out to be a rather harrowing experience. (again, I will elaborate later)

PMDU - Team Shard - Official App. 

-5 hours later-

Okay, this was originally going to be much longer, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that what I really wanted to include here didn't really have anything to do with the festival itself.  For this reason, I settled on the scenario you see here, while leaving a little hint at what's going to happen to Team Shard soon (a.k.a. what I decided to cut).  I tried to include some cameos, but ultimately it didn't really work out for what I wanted.  If you were one of the people who gave me permission to cameo your team(s) (as listed here: Now taking cameos requests!), I will try to include them in some of my other works (I'll let you guys know in advance, don't worry!)  
I am now taking cameos for Team Shard's 'Frosty Festivities' entry.  This is my first time really doing this, so expect a brief appearance by your team if I choose to use yours.  Please leave your team's name, guild and app if you would them like to appear.  This will not be first come, first serve, and I am not sure how many teams I will use.  I will probably pick teams at random, so please don't feel bad if your team is not used.
The Luxio looked back at Evan and Kate as he led them down a side street.  “Thanks again for helping us with this.”

“Uh, no problem,” Evan replied.  “So, what exactly is it we're doing again?”

The Luxio rounded a corner.  “My friend and I have been looking for ways to test our abilities.  We met a Furret who said he could help us, but we needed two more Pokémon in order for it to work.  He said it was for some kind of race.”

Kate's face lit up.  “Oh!  That sounds like fun!”

Evan, however, looked skeptical.  “Wait, what exactly does this race involve?”

“Oh, you guys won't be doing the actual racing,” the Luxio clarified.  “The way the Furret described it, I guess you guys would just be the passengers.”

Evan and Kate looked at each other.  “Passengers?”

They soon arrived at the large tower in the city's center.  As they approached, they were greeted by a familiar figure.  “Well, I didn't peg you two to be up for this kind of thing.”

Evan recognized the lightly-colored eyes immediately.  “Wait, you're that Furret we ran into right before Regigigas woke up!”

The Furret gave a polite nod.  “And you're one of the Pokémon that stumbled out of the fog, right?”

“You know, I do have a name, Cuffin,” the Zangoose answered.

“Anyway, what exactly is this about, Cuffin?” Kate quickly cut in, sensing her partner's annoyance.  “This Luxio mentioned something about needing 'passengers' for a race?”

Cuffin went and began helping the Luxio attach himself to the cart.  “Well, I want to make sure these carts are ready for the road.”

Evan, who was just about to climb onto one of the carts, paused.  “Wait, these are some of the trade carts?!”

The Furret shrugged.  “Of course they are.  I figured since everyone's been busy fixing 'em and all, I'd put 'em to the test to make sure they're in good shape.”

“And you actually got permission for this?”

“Of course I did!” Cuffin answered as he casually flipped a coin.  “Whaddaya take me for, some shady back-alley merchant?”

You don't want me to answer that, Evan thought.  He turned to Kate.  “You think this is a good idea?”

Kate climbed aboard the second cart, to which an Electrike was hooked up and waiting.  “Well, it couldn't hurt to test these out, could it?”  She looked at the Electrike and Luxio.

Evan sighed and climbed aboard the Luxio's cart.  “I guess not.”  He turned to the Luxio.  “Just don't destroy these things, alright?”

The Luxio gave him a nod.  “Don't worry, we know what we're doing.”

Cuffin walked in front of them.  “Alright then, if everyone's ready, on your mark, get so, GO!!!!!”

The Electrike and Luxio took off, with Evan and Kate clinging to their respective carts.  Through the city they sped, in a race of such spectacular proportions that it could never be told in a low-budget story like this.

-Later, outside Subseed Forest-

The two carts came screeching to a halt.  The Electrike turned to his friend.  “A tie?!”

The Luxio nodded.  “Guess we'll have to figure out another way to see who's better.”  He turned to Evan and Kate.  “Anyway, thanks for your help.”

The Zangoose pulled himself up from the floor of the cart.  “Yeah, no problem.”  As the two racers headed off, he looked to Kate, who was hanging over the side of her cart.  "You okay?"

The Sneasel picked her head up a bit, breathing heavily.  “I-I think so.  Just a little dizzy.”  She looked around.  “Um, what are we supposed to do with these carts?”

Evan noticed a sign stuck to a nearby tree.  Making his way over to it, he was able to make out the words:  'Someone will pick up the carts – Cuffin.'  He went back and helped Kate down from her cart.  “Come on, let's head back before we get chewed out for this.”

His partner looked at him.  “What do you mean?”

“Let's just say I don't think Cuffin had full permission to use these and leave it at that.”
Team Shard - Errand #10 - A Spectacular Race
For :iconpmdunity:

Client: Cuffin
Errand: #10
Date Issued: August 25, 2014
Date Due: August 29, 2014

So my entry for Errand #4 was rejected because I didn't show Evan and Kate actually participating in the event (even though the Atlas still shows it as accepted.  Not trying to put you on the spot, admins, but I can't fix that!)  So this time I made sure to show them actually participating, even if I did so in a rather cheap way.....

Team Shard app.:
Evan and Kate looked over the numerous carts sitting in front of them, many of which were looking much worse for the wear.  Evan nodded glumly.  “I can see why Solstice is so worried.  Some of these look like they haven't been used in years!”

“Yeah, and I don't think we're going to be much help fixing them,” Kate added.  “There are so many others Pokémon working on them already, we'd probably just be getting in the way.”

Evan looked toward a group of carts that still looked functional and noticed something odd.  “Actually, maybe we can help.  Didn't Solstice want us to retrieve any carts that had been 'borrowed' if possible?”

Kate put a hand to her chin.  “Now that you mention it, I think she encouraged that.  After all, since we're already using so much wood for the outpost, it would help the city's wood reserves.  But we don't know of any carts that were stolen.”

“We do now.”  Evan pointed to the carts, and Kate immediately knew what he was talking about.


“Ah, greetings friends!”  The Simipour bowed deeply before the two Pokémon.  “I see you have noticed my sign.”

“Yes, we did.  Though I have to ask, of all the things to be selling, why sell a cart?”

“Yeah, isn't that kind of an important thing for any merchant to have?”

The Simipour smiled.  “Indeed it is.  But alas, plans change.  An old friend and I have decided to partner up in our business endeavors, but we are a bit.....over-supplied.”


The Simipour nodded.  “Yes, we have more carts than hands to use them, unfortunately.  So, we have decided to sell off one of our carts for a good cause!”

“A 'good cause'?”

“And what exactly might that be?”

“Why, resupplying Andaluust's trade fleet, of course!” the Simipour replied eagerly.  “You are merchants yourselves, yes?”

“Yes.....yes we are.  And the expedition to Geoda will be our first real chance at expansion, so a spare cart for the fleet would certainly help!”

The Simipour smiled.  “Ah, anything to help fellow businessmen!”

“Although, there is one problem.....”

The Simipour's smile faded.  “Problem?  What do you mean?”

“These wheels – they seem a bit dirty.”

The Simipour was confused.  “Uh, good sir, I believe I mentioned this is pre-owned.”

“Oh, of course, but look at the trail it left behind.”

“Well, that's not really something that can be avoided, is it, ma'am?”

“No, which is good.”

“Wait, what?”

“The trail leads back to the lot were Andaluust's trade carts are kept."

The Simipour froze, beads of sweat dripping down his face.  His eyes darted back and forth between the two.  “Did I mention that we're lacking funds due to having recently paid off a loan?”

“Nice try, buddy.”


Evan smiled as he and Kate pulled the recovered cart toward the Hunters Guild, the Simipour having been already deposited at the jail.  “I still say I could have gotten away with giving him a lump on the head for his stupidity.”

Kate rolled her eyes.  “You know, you're starting to worry me.”

“What, I can't have a little fun?  It's not like the guy didn't deserve it.”

“Last I checked, the word 'fun' wasn't in your vocabulary.”

“Only because I don't normally associate 'fun' with 'work'.”

“You just want to explore the dungeon, don't you?”

“What, you don't?”

Kate looked at her partner.  “Evan, are you okay?”

The Zangoose turned to her.  “Yeah, I'm fine.  Why do you ask?”

“Well, you just seem.....happy.  Like, legitimately happy.”

Evan stopped in his tracks.  “You know what, you're right.”

Kate raised an eyebrow at him.  “So, why the sudden change?”

Evan thought for a moment.  “I don't know.  I mean, I should be really concerned, what with my memory loss and that Seedot I keep seeing.  But I've been thinking about what you told me back when we were planting those seeds, and you were right.  Even if I don't get my memory back, I've still got something to hold on to.”

Kate smiled, then hugged him.  Evan winced, not expecting this kind of reaction.  “Uh, you know, we can't get this cart to Robin if you're hugging me like this.”

Kate released him from the hug.  “Right, let's get this back to him.”

As the two pulled the cart toward the Hunters Guild, Evan couldn't help but wonder about his partner.  Something about her seemed off, as though something was bothering her.  Unable to put his claw on it, he decided to ask her once their errand was complete.
PMDU - Team Shard - Errand #9 - Cart Retrieval
For :iconpmdunity:

Client: Solstice
Errand: #9
Date Issued: August 15, 2014
Date Due: August 20, 2014

Objective:  Retrieve a 'borrowed' trade cart

Wasn't sure if a thief counted as a 'civilian', so I figured I'd save Solstice some extra paperwork.

Team Shard app.:
Yeah, it's pretty much been that way for awhile now, but I've never actually announced it.  I'm still rewriting that one section, and as new ideas pop up, it's getting harder to figure out which direction I want to take the story.  But the big reason I'm officially putting it on hiatus is this:

The reveal of the new Fairy-type.

Now, up until now I haven't really been all that worried about this new type and hadn't given much thought as to whether or not I would include 6th-gen Pokemon.  I figured I would simply wait until they were revealed, and then use them if I chose to do so.  Unfortunately for me, it was also revealed that some existing Pokemon from previous games are now Fairy-type.  So far, I know there to be three:  Jigglypuff, Marill, and.....Gardevoir.

This.....could be a big deal, namely because I have no idea if Ralts and Kirlia will also be getting the Fairy treatment.  If they do, I will almost certainly have to go back and re-evaluate some basic ideas that I had set in stone.  I don't think it will affect Everett as a character apart from possibly changing his movepool, but that will depend on what they decide to do with Ralts and Kirlia.

And while I'm thinking about Ralts, I may as well reveal which section of the story I'm rewriting.  Remember Sasha?  From the cliff?  Don't feel bad if you don't, she's only been in two chapters.  But when I went and reread the Cliff chapters (which were 13-15), I realized that I had revealed more than what I had intended to.  And with the introduction of the Fairy-type, I really feel I should wait to see exactly how much of Sasha's character I might have to change.

Now, I'm thinking I might go ahead rewriting those chapters, since they were meant to be introductory chapters for the Cliff pokemon that focused more on their characters than their moves and types and such.  But as far as actually continuing the story goes, I really feel I should wait and see just how much the Fairy-type will change things.  I know very few of you follow my story, and I feel bad that it's going to take even longer to make some legitimate headway on this, but I really feel I should wait and see how much is going to change in the Pokemon universe before going any further.


United States

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