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Yeah, it's pretty much been that way for awhile now, but I've never actually announced it.  I'm still rewriting that one section, and as new ideas pop up, it's getting harder to figure out which direction I want to take the story.  But the big reason I'm officially putting it on hiatus is this:

The reveal of the new Fairy-type.

Now, up until now I haven't really been all that worried about this new type and hadn't given much thought as to whether or not I would include 6th-gen Pokemon.  I figured I would simply wait until they were revealed, and then use them if I chose to do so.  Unfortunately for me, it was also revealed that some existing Pokemon from previous games are now Fairy-type.  So far, I know there to be three:  Jigglypuff, Marill, and.....Gardevoir.

This.....could be a big deal, namely because I have no idea if Ralts and Kirlia will also be getting the Fairy treatment.  If they do, I will almost certainly have to go back and re-evaluate some basic ideas that I had set in stone.  I don't think it will affect Everett as a character apart from possibly changing his movepool, but that will depend on what they decide to do with Ralts and Kirlia.

And while I'm thinking about Ralts, I may as well reveal which section of the story I'm rewriting.  Remember Sasha?  From the cliff?  Don't feel bad if you don't, she's only been in two chapters.  But when I went and reread the Cliff chapters (which were 13-15), I realized that I had revealed more than what I had intended to.  And with the introduction of the Fairy-type, I really feel I should wait to see exactly how much of Sasha's character I might have to change.

Now, I'm thinking I might go ahead rewriting those chapters, since they were meant to be introductory chapters for the Cliff pokemon that focused more on their characters than their moves and types and such.  But as far as actually continuing the story goes, I really feel I should wait and see just how much the Fairy-type will change things.  I know very few of you follow my story, and I feel bad that it's going to take even longer to make some legitimate headway on this, but I really feel I should wait and see how much is going to change in the Pokemon universe before going any further.


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